Below are some of my digital games. In some of them I worked as artist and programmer, but more frequently I took the role of designer.

All of them are playable on browser or PC. Take a bite if you're interested :)

Me behind the Mirror

My graduate thesis work, a 2D puzzle game.

It tells a story of school bullying.

I worked as the Designer\2D artist\Animator\VFX Artist\Minor Programmer


Playable Link:


Collaborated with

Hao Tian

Advised by

Celia Pearce

Graviton Bender

In this fantasy adventure game, you play as Gabriella, a magician who can reverse the gravity and release graviton force. Make good use of her magic power to pass through the mysterious garden filled with puzzles and find the secrets left by Alicia, her lost mother.



My role in this project: manager/concept designer/level designer/artist/programmer


Playable Link:


Collaborated with

Frank Ling, Jack Azadian, Omid Mohhadessi, Nithesh Javaji

Tear of Alicia

In this action adventure game, you play as Milo the Cristal Warden, an exiled mage of Twilight Academy. His crystal bracelet can summon arcane weapons which help him fight like a swordsman, while the magic sphere Tear of Alicia helps him to enchant as a mage. You will fight against various kinds of enemies and bosses via a free combination of combat skills and tactics. Enjoy the hardcore challenge.


This is an individual prototype which I am currently working on. I am in charge of coding, design, art and everything else.


Playable link:


In this adventure game, you play as Cecilie, a shepherd girl who tries to pass through the valley in this freezing winter with her magic sheep Lucas. Follow the bonfire to keep yourself warm - holding Lucas can also serve for it. Keep walking, until you find a new home to survive this winter.

My role: designer/artist

Playable Link:


Collaborated with Clarence Hann


In this game, you play as the robot shooter ELI007 who is responsible for eliminating viruses in the central system. You are told to kill every virus, but exploring the area might give you more information about them and you may have an idea for not obeying your orders. What will happen if you try not to be obedience?


This is a game for psychological research.


My Role: Lead programmer/artist/designer


Playable Link:

Collaborated with Jin H. Kim, Sonya I. McCree


In this real-time strategy game, you play as the leader of an army. In order to save your country by supporting cities at risk, you have to make some trade-off decisions. Your soldiers will be sacrificed inevitably, but you have to minimize the loss.

My Role: Artist/designer

Playable Link:

Collaborated with Hao Tian, Frank Lin



Two magnet balls plan to escape from the broken city. They have to collaborate with each other to pass through a bunch of obstacles using either attracting or repelling force. Never leave behind your mate, dude!


My Role: artist


Playable Link

Collaborated with Clarence Hann, Chengcheng Ding, Winter Pu


Some of the works are original and others are facsimiles.

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